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About Us

Founded in 2011, Society of Petroleum Engineers RGIPT Student chapter is today the largest student-run organization at RGIPT, Amethi ( India).


Our Mission

To work closely with the students and the industry to establish an understanding of technological advancements that enhance the standards of oil exploration, development and production.

Some of our new Initiatives are:

SPE Chanakya

SPE Alumni Portal

SPE Student 


Our Works

From our beginning as a committee in 2011, we organize technical as well as informal events at RGIPT. We organize guest lectures, webinars, and conferences to train our students and equip them with substantial insight into the operations of the Petroleum industry. Furthermore, we also conduct interactive sessions with eminent professionals in our industry to enable a clear understanding of the challenges our industry is facing, within the students. 

We host more than 50 conferences, workshops, and other events each year in the RGIPT. 


Our Vision

SPE at RGIPT envisions the empowerment of the member students in aspects of knowledge, experience, interactions, and opportunities. We aim to be the platform that helps individuals who are passionate about serving the global energy requirements, become a part of the international SPE, which organizes several conferences, workshops, competitions, mentorship programs and manifests talent of young professionals through opportunities, scholarships, and other SPE tools.

Board of Officers

The SPE RGIPT Team is comprised of volunteers, officers and faculty that chairs across departments form the backbone of our organization. As the governing body of SPE, it oversees many of SPE's administrative and operating responsibilities. The team retains final authority on all SPE matters. Meet the Team


Who We Are

We have over 92.2% membership across all students and faculty at our University, and organize year-round technical, professional and social activities, in the best interest of our community. You can access some of the resources offered by us including mentorship and academic support on this website, among a plethora of resources listed from SPE International. An SPE membership opens a world of opportunities!

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