International Conference on Advances in Petroleum, Chemical, and Energy Challenges

24 - 25 March

The first International Conference APCEC was held during 24th-25th March in the grand & beautiful Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Jais, Amethi campus. Over 16 renowned experts from the Industry and the Academia from India and Abroad participated and gave highly insightful talks on the future of hydrocarbon and

renewable energy.

Experiences were exchanged with regards to the future trends in the Industry, current ongoing research and academia and student interactions. In general, the participants agreed that the future of energy security is fraught with challenges and there is a need for unconventional research and unprecedented effort on the part of the researchers along with a deep co-operation from the Industry.

In the course of the Keynote addresses, several conclusions were reached and groundwork for further work was prepared. A panel discussion on the Industry-Academia Interaction was held in which stalwarts from both spectrums shared their views on the challenges before us and possible way ahead.

The conference has been a valuable platform for several delegates to present their work before renowned judges obtain constructive feedback.