GATE Trends CHE 2020




GATE CH (Chemical Engineering) 2020 Exam Analysis


Overall Difficulty: The overall difficulty level of the GATE CH question paper 2020 was moderate to difficult. The paper seemed neither easy nor tough.

Average Attempts by a Candidate: The number of average attempts by each student was around 55, and there was no difficulty in answering all the 65 questions within the exam duration.

Type of Questions: This year, most of the questions were conceptual-based, and students with good preparation of the entire syllabus and practice of previous papers may score well in the examination.

Chapter with Most Weightage: CRE is the only chapter with high weightage this year. The difficulty level of questions was moderate. There were questions on Selectivity, Parallel Reaction, Conversion, Activation Energy, Recycle Reactor.

Topic with Less Weightage: PDC is the section with less weightage. The weightage was only five marks this year


GATE PE (Chemical Engineering) 2019 Exam Analysis


The paper was a tad bit difficult. It had good concepts from PDC, PDE and FM. They asked a lot of CT questions and a calculative portion from HT. The paper was very doable in a duration of 3 hours and required knowledge of concepts in depth. 

GATE PE (Chemical Engineering) 2018 exam analysis


Talking about this year’s exam, it was a bit calculative and it took a bit more time to solve 2 marks NAT questions on account of maintaining accuracy. The rest of the questions were easy.