Interview with PSU

Experience of Shivam Sahu (B.Tech. Chem. Eng, Laxminarayan Inst. of Technology) with 

Date: June 2016

Venue: Mumbai



Interview questions:

Q1 Tell me something about yourself, starting with your family background, education, college, and projects which you did and any hobby if you would like to share. 

Q2:  How long you were in HPCL?

Q3: What you did in your training?

Q4: Which plant of refinery you know the best? Draw the flowsheet?

Q5: OK so Sulfur Recovery Unit. There is one very important reaction in this process do you know?

Q6: All right you were in fire & safety so tell me which type of extinguisher you will use in case of electric fire?

Q7: Which subsidiaries of HPCL do you know?

Q8: Are you sure. HPCL Mangalore, as currently it is taken by ONGC. Tell me any other.

Q9 : What is Joule Thomson effect

Q10: Which gases don’t follow the Joule Thomson effect?

Q11: What is Gibbs free energy? What is its significance?

Q12: What is chemical potential?

Q13: What it signifies?

Q14: Can you tell me the difference between Coning and weeping in distillation?

Q15: Do you know about this instrument (I don’t recollect some weird instrument name)

Q16: Do you know what F11 in radiation signifies?

Q17: Why IOCL? Why not further studies? If you are not selected then what will you do?

Q18: Ok. Thank you, Shivam. Please send the next one in after 5 minutes.

Result: Not Selected.

Tips for Interview :

  1. Prepare your training/Work experience thoroughly.

  2. Know your subject exceptionally well right from first-year topics.

  3. Be clear about an answer and then only answer.

  4. Hope for the best.

After that GD+GT(group task) Happened Topic

“ Is censorship necessary or overrated in India” (as UDTA PUNJAB issue was going on)

Grp. Task: “You want to implement Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in your little industry what will you do, discuss in grp. put your proposal”.