Interview with PSU

Experience of past SPE President Santdeep Singh (B.Tech+M.Tech. RGIPT) with ONGC

Post applied for: A.E.E (Reservoir)

Date: 28th May, 2018

Venue: Scope Minar



Interview questions:

1. Your college name and when did you pass out?

2. Tell me about your areas of interest.

3. Tell me about types of injectivity test

4. Mathematical formulation of radial diffusivity equation.

5. How hydraulic diffusivity can be written in terms of rock and fluid properties?

6. Tell me the difference between isochronal and modified isochronal tests.

7. Draw the pressure profiles of Modified isochronal testing.

8. Why Gas well Testing is used?

9. At what percentage of AOF, A gas well is generally produced.

10. Write empirical equation used in gas well testing to identify AOF.

11. Explain skin and how does it develop (Mechanism)?

12. What is saturated and undersaturated reservoir?

13. What should be the pressure (in terms of Pb) at sandface to maximize oil production?

14. What’s the maximum value of negative skin?

15. Dimension of skin.

16. Explain EOR.

17. Do artificial lift methods come under primary recovery methods?

( Summer Intern related)

18. What’s the application of Hydraulic Fracturing in Conventional wells?

19. Types of proppant used in Hydraulic Fracturing job.

20. What is the typical amount of proppant used per ft of coal?

(In context of HF job in CBM field)

21. What’s hermetical testing? – Some follow up questions.



Duration of the interview: Approx. 20 minutes

Panel was cordial and result of the same declared on 9th, June.


As per result, I scored 14/15 in the interview.

Sample Calculations:

My GATE score = 896/1000

Equivalent 60% weightage on the scale of 100 = 53.76

20 marks are given to everyone.

As my combined scored marks is 87.76/100.

=> 87.76 = 53.76 +20 + Interview Marks

=> Interview marks = 14