Opportunities by SPE-RGIPT

SPE RGIPT student chapter takes pride in making sure that its members are well equipped with the information about the numerous facilities that our chapter has to offer. And amongst them is our plethora full of opportunities for scholarships, conferences, webinars and online certification courses. Recently SPE conducted an event on 8 October 2019 to spread awareness about the free online certification courses such as 

1. Using downhole fibre optic Temperature sensing Technology to monitor, and improve well

2. A course on how to write Technical papers.

SPE keeps informing its members about the scholarship opportunities that SPE has on offer. Also it is a matter of pride for that one of our post graduate students, Mr Saurabh Tiwary has bagged 1st position at the PhD level in the recently concluded SPE South Asia Pacific regional contest at SPE Oil and Gas India Conference held on 9-11 April 2019. SPE has also provided financial support to the students who get a chance to participate in national and international conferences.


Every year SPE RGIPT Student Chapter provide the opportunity for the PhD students to apply for Nico van Wingen Memorial Graduate Fellowship where they can be nominated for the scholarship of USD 5,000 per year, for up to four years. This Fellowship was only for the SPE Members at an official student chapter and applicant must be nominated by the SPE Student Chapter Faculty Advisor or Department Chair. So SPE RGIPT student chapter made the applicants aware about this fellowship and fulfilled their requirements of SPE membership and Chapter Faculty Adviser Nomination, thus supporting the PhD students get the scholarship.


An Education Week will be held by International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia from 13 15 January 2020. It is for the benefit of the best 3rd and 4th/final year undergraduate students in science, geoscience, and engineering from qualified institutions around the world. It is anticipated that up to 100 of the best students will be selected to participate. IPTC will cover travel and accommodation expenses for the selected students. The purpose of Education Week is to provide students a clear insight into the petroleum industry, to work together on a joint assignment, and to provide opportunities for students to form new friendships and extend their network. At the same time, the students will be interacting with a number of major industry employers who are constantly looking to recruit the best talent from institutions across the globe. This year SPE RGIPT SC nominated four (4) students from the Institute, from within the top 40% of 3rd and 4th-year undergraduate students to take part in this prestigious conference.


One of our 4th year student now working as a Production Engineer in ONGC Mr. Girish Joshi (SPE student member since 2015, PE15) was selected by IPTC to be a part of their Education week to be held in Beijing 26-28th March, 2019. IPTC, one of the world’s foremost oil and gas events, is a multi-disciplinary technical event committed to the dissemination and sharing of emerging technologies, best practices and knowledge. IPTC will sponsor accommodation and travel expenses. The students get an opportunity to gain additional knowledge through panel discussions, experience sharing talk and field trips giving substantial exposure. In it’s 11th edition, students will be given a clear insight into the industry that they are about to join. To ensure that these students return to their university with a clearer vision and also to help and enrich other students with ongoing trends in the industry at their respective universities. Participating students will be assigned to work on an international project group, to share their ideas and best practices, to address issues and brainstorm solutions. At the same time, students will be interacting with a number of major industry employers who are constantly looking to recruit the best talent from institutions across the region.

We would like to thank SPE International for giving our student chapter the opportunity to nominate RGIPT students for the conference, which in turn allowed Girish to participate in the process. IPTC will sponsor all expenses involved in his participation to the conference as an SPE member of our student chapter. A big thanks to the SPE community!

With every year we hope that RGIPT has more students attending this education week


Recent Achievement


• Vaisakh Unni (2K12 batch) of SPE RGIPT Chapter got SPE Star Scholarship.


•Mr. Dinesh Soni and Mr. Apporv Mittal were invited as Student Delegates in IPTC’13 held in Beijing, China.(2k13 batch).


• Mr. Praneet Mathur and Miss Vasundhara Singh were invited as Student Delegates in International Petroleum Technology Conference'14 held in Doha, Qatar. (2k14 batch).


•Mr. Devesh Motwani was invited for Student delegates for WPC’14 held in Moscow Russia. (2k15 batch)


•Mr. Himanshu Sharma and Mr. Kanik Sharma were invited as  distinguished student delegates in IPTC’14  at Kula Lumpur, Malaysia. (2k15 batch)


•Mr. Siddhant Bhattacharya was invited as a Distinguished Student Delegate in ADIPEC’14 held at Abu Dhabi. (2k15 batch)


•13 SPE Members of SPE RGIPT Student Chapter were Sponsored by PETROTECH Society to attend "11th International Oil and Gas Conference & Exhibition" PETROTECH 2014 in New Delhi from 12th to 15th January 2k14.


• Mr. Anand Shukla won 1st  prize in poster presentation competition in SPE Sub-Continental Meet held at MIT Pune.


•SPE RGIPT Student Chapter Won 2nd Prize at Poster Presentation event held at IIT-KGP from 21-23 march 2014.


•SPE RGIPT Student Chapter Won First Prize in Case study competition sponsored by Schlumberger at UPES SPE Fest 2014.


•10 students of SPE RGIPT Student Chapter Went for a field trip in ESSAR Oil Limited, Durgapur in October, 2015. This field trip will be totally funded by SPE RGIPT Student Chapter 


•Mr. Gaurav Agarwal and Mr. Sumit Verma were invited as student delegates in IPTC’16 held at Bangkok, Thailand.


•Mr. Santdeep Singh was the runner-up  of SPE South Asia Regional Student Paper Contest 2018 in postgraduate division.


•Mr. Girish Joshi was selected as student delegates in IPTC’19 held at Beijing 26-28th March,2019.  IPTC sponsored all accommodation and travel expenses.


2 RGIPT students, Mr. Waquar Kaleem and Mr. Saurabh Tewari bag first and third prize respectively in SPE South Asia Pacific Regional Contest at  SPE Oil and Gas India, Conference and Exhibition event, April 2019.                    


IPTC had selected Anshuman Singh (SPE student member since 2016) and Mrigya Fogat (SPE student member since 2017 and Officer at SPE RGIPT SC) to be a part of their Education week which was held in Dhahran EXPO, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 13-15th January 2020.


SPE RGIPT Student Chapter has qualified for the Final Petrobowl Championship 2020. This was the first time in SPE RGIPT's history that the team participated and qualified for the Final Petrobowl Championship which will take place during the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition on 5th October 2020 in Denver, Colorado. 

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