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Dear Alumni,

We’ve created this portal, in an effort to re-connect our SPE community at college with our alumni, and to improve upon the present networking infrastructure.

On this site, you can find contact details of any person associated with SPE RGIPT in core committee roles, which will be maintained and updated by the chapter team. This will help us in involving you, our alumni, more closely in chapter activities and planning, extending to networking and mentor-ship. We are a small family working or pursuing education be it in energy, or other diversified sectors, and while we’re part of the larger RGIPT Alumni base- this effort is to develop best practices and lead in that initiative as SPE has always done at RGIPT. Some other features can be discovered below.

Suggestions, feedback are always welcome on what we can do to further enhance your experience. Looking forward to connect with you all.

Team SPE 2019-20

Please fill in this form so we may get in touch with you. Additionally you can sign up for the portal from the 'Alumni signup' tab.

To sign up on the portal and connect with your teammates of the part please use the link below.  

Please note we’ll maintain contact information here on our own, but you can always write to us for any changes.

You can access contact details
(updated) of your past SPE teammate's session wise as well.

Sign up for SPE Chanakya, a specially designed mentor-mentee program for SPE alumni.


As mentor 

As mentee

A special gallery at ‘Days at RGIPT’ for SPE events.